HD-E1 - Automatic downscaling


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Aug 8, 2005
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Just a heads up really. Caught me out for an hour last night!!

If you switch on TV last or amp or whatever - occasionally the Tosh does not recognise the signal path and downscales to 576 coz it doesnt see it as secure HDMI path or whatever you want to call it - basically a temporary handshake error. It does flash up a message on the screen for a few secs saying it's going to do it but if you're not looking or whatever you miss it!

The Tosh front panel display still says 1080I of course!

I was watching serenity last night and the picture was very poor. Played around with TV settings and was actually getting to the point where I thought I really had a problem. Flashed up the info screen from the Tosh and sure enough 576!! Turned amp and TV off and on restarted movie and hey presto 1080I - picture back to normal!


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