HD-DVD wins because of the Xbox 360


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This certainly makes interesting reading, sounds like someone thinks the format was is already over already!!

Ron Enderle of the Enderle Group, the end result is simple: "HD-DVD wins because of the Xbox 360."

Enderle points to brisk sales of the Xbox 360's $200 HD-DVD drive as a big reason why "there may be as many as ten times more HD DVD players than Blu-ray players in the market by the end of the year." HD-DVD's lower cost, along with support from computer makers like HP and better compatibility with old TVs also help the format's chances, Enderle argues. As for Blu-ray, Enderle thinks the format that was supposed to be buoyed by the PS3 has ironically led to crippling early delays and shortages for Sony's system.


And over at Tom's Hardware they're saying;

BetaMax, Mini-Disk, MemoryStick, and now Blu-ray. At least Sony is consistent.


Tony Hoyle

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So MS, Toshiba etc. are paying people to write stuff as well as Sony now...

TBH I wouldn't believe a thing that's written by either side until the whole thing is over in a year or two.


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Avoided the betamax fiasco - though I did fall in the minidisc trap :suicide:

Memory Stick? There are loads of different formats out there, I think most people just accept that different phones/cameras/PDA's require different types of cards. You can get multi-format card readers so this isn't a problem. It's hardly a failed format...

I think it's far to early to jump to any conclusions... looks like an early lead for HD-DVD but once the PS3 is available in larger numbers who knows what will happen?

Bald Monkey

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They forgot UMD :suicide: :rotfl:

But UMD is still the only format for PSP games... :eek:


It was only movies for £20+ on UMD that failed... Dunno why if Memory cards didn't sell either...

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I so badly want to know how many of these XBox 360 HD-DVD players MS have sold,as i was reading the other day that they are still selling very well in the US.

At least it gives a better reflection of how many game console owners actaully want a next Gen DVD format for their console unlike SONY forcing it, yet not seeing any improvements on Blue-Ray discs

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