HD DVD via a IN76 Projector


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Can anyone please tell me if they have watched an HD DVD via their IN76 Projector and if so HOW? ie - what equipment set up have they had to have to do this??

I bought a HV DVD but can't play it as I do not have a HD DVD player - I believe I now need to invest in a xbox 360 :mad: :mad: :mad:

Please can you reply asap

Neil Davidson

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You will need and HD DVD player to play an HD DVD.

The XBox 360 needs an external HD DVD drive to play these discs. Use google and search for Toshiba HD DVD to find out more on dedicated players.




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you need to import a HD DVD player or get hold of an xbox360 and add on (good luck finding stock)

Hi Thanks for the responses...

If i manage to find stock, do I connect the xbox 360 plus add on through the 5.1 all in one system (HDMI) connection or will I need to use different such as component etc

Please can you advise?


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360 at present does not support HDMI, only component abd vga i think.

the european HD DVD players launch in the uk soon thou.

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