HD DVD Suppliers!

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What suppliers do you recommend for sourcing HD DVD films. :rolleyes:

In the past used CDWOW for my DVD's but they do not as yet sell HD DVD's!



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You could try MovieTyme.com, popular with other members I believe.

Also Play.com have a good range of HD DVD's.



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Also if you want to buy them on the high stree, then HMV and Virgin both sell HD-DVDs although usually from their larger branches.


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Play USA sell US disks (no region protection).

Very reliable, and at least when these guys say IN-STOCK, its in stock.:D

Cant stand these sites that dont display the stock value, you end up waiting for weeks only to find they are waiting for stock to arrive. And they take your mony straight away.


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dvdworldusa.com are good, cheap and quick delivery (about 7 days from Florida)

Althought they say you don't get customs charged, i recommend onl;y ordering 1 movie per transaction, as i order 2 and they were sent in the same package and got charged £7 Tax

Orered since then but 1 at a time and had no problems


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Amazon.com is very fair, and if you buy 3 hd-dvd, you will get 10% discount on all for the next 12 months

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