HD-DVD sound through centre speaker is muffled


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Hi All,

Here's one for you....

I have recently noticed that when playing an HD-DVD the sound coming through the centre speaker is muffled. Doesn't appear to be a problem when using the 360 normally for games etc.

Anyone experienced this? I have just recalibrated my AMP to make sure that the speaker channel levels were all OK, but this doesn't seem to have helped at all - I've also checked the connections round the back - and they're all present and correct and "de-dusted"!

Any ideas?




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Seem to have a similar problem myself.

Never had an issue with sound from TV/DVD's in the past, but i've noticed the speech and centre channel tend to be slightly muffled and reduced in volume with HD-DVD's. End up having to increase the volume which then ends up shaking the house to bits at the loud parts :rotfl:

Is this a common problem with the 360 add-on???


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Pleased to hear that someone else is experiencing the same thing! Makes me feel slightly less stupid!!

Now all we need is a response from somebody with the know how!! Anyone from Microsoft surfing AV Forums today?


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have you changed the audio settings,picking something like DTS or dolby,in the advanced audio settings,on the player?

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