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I know the UK has not got the launch release units yet but its not far off:)


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I think the economy underestimates the UK. We thrive on new technology but at reasonable prices. Look at broadband , at one point we were second bottom in the charts and now we have over took alot of people and are probably in the top 10.

HD-DVD is the winner in the UK and it has only been out for a few weeks and there is plenty of imported players.

Asd usual though the UK shops charge far too much for new titles. MI3 in HMV £30 lol and £24.99 for harry potter 4 while i purchased online for £15.

But yea i have a D1 and plan on the hd-dvd addon for the 360 and have never regreted.


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How would you like me to answer if I've got the add-on and a XE1 on order ?


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I also own both the A1 & Add-on.I should have given an option for 2 but well....it slipped my mind.


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You guys clicking the HD-EX1, is that on pre-order somewhere?
Pre-order on Amazon.


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got my 360 add-on delighted with it for the price and upscales dvd's well on vga. Lost on DVD looks amazing being upscaled on it.

Also my vga doesn't look washed out, done my settings through THX optimiser and it really did the trick.


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I'll be in the UK over X-mass :) Is there enywhere i can pick up HD DVD UK/Euro versions? (other than HMV).

Tony Hoyle

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Not that I'm aware of. Best thing is to ship from the US as it's cheaper, plus a lot of the 'UK versions' are US versions with a different cover anyway.

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