HD DVD playback in Windows 7 RC - Who knows??


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Most of us here with HD DVD and Blu-ray playback discs use powerdvd 7.3 as a single program for playback.

PowerDVD 7.3 however doesnt seem to work on Windows 7 RC1.

I fear this was the only program to use a single program for both HD DVD and Blu-ray playback. My questions:
  1. Anybody found an alternative for single program??
  2. And if not, what HD DVD playback program can I use?
I favour Windows 7 RC above Vista but my Planet Earth HDDVD collection I dont want to miss.

Some advice, anybody?


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I thought Total Media Centre 3 also played HD-DVD's and Blu-rays. Can't confirm whether it works in Windows 7 though.


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TMT3 does play HDDVD in windows7 but the trial has no audio due to dolby getting humpy and if you pay for the full version chances are audio is all wrong as reported by miriads of people

i did have HDDVD playback in media player last night with the addition of some extra codecs but in all honesty it was terrible , media player dosent understand the structure properly and the resultant playback was :eek: at best , although i did have 5.1 audio and an HDdvd film playing in windows 7 , that in itself is a miracle in my view :rotfl::rotfl:

isnt it annoying though, we have to find ways around this issue or third partys have to dev apps to achieve what primarily m/soft should have and could have included, the arguement that it would have cost M/s to much to get all the licenses is a crock of Horse poop, it would not have been difficult for the worlds largest software developers to have given the whole world what is already mainstream and wanted , HD playback

and to add to that we have , High def TV`s , HDMI cables , High def BR or HDDVD drives , High def pc screens but no freekin O/s that supports the format ...damn Msoft ...damn
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