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I have read through the FAQ on the HD-DVD addon drive and still have a few questions that i hope some of you can answer.

"Should i use VGA or component connections?

It depends on the display. Component can output up to 1080i (due to AACS restrictions), VGA can output upto 1080p (not all TV's accept VGA at 1080p)

Does the addon drive support 1080p through hdmi with the new elite system?

"Does the addon support Dolby Digital Plus and TrueHD sound output?

No the addon downmixes all the tracks to Dolby Digital 5.1 and uses the optical out connection on the component or VGA cables. It is been recently suggested that DTS ouput is due soon via an update.

Did the spring update allow for DTS sound? If so, is DTS only available through the optical out? or is it supported through the HDMI connection on the Elite as well?

Did the Elite's HDMI connection add any quality to Video/Audio what so ever than was present before using VGA and Optical?

Also, i have read that the 360 does not support 1080p/24p. What does the 24 actually mean and what is the draw back? low fram rate? If so is it best to just output to 720p/1080i?

Thanks guys, hope you can help.


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