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HD-DVD,Blue-ray ………and beautiful women..Gadgets paradise


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Some nice stuff in there. Still waiting for SED to rear its head. Should be out arround the same time as Hitachi launch HD DVD in Japan.

Once its out we can see how it compares to Plasmas and LCDs.

OLED is still some time away me thinks.

That sony Blu Ray players looks tight!!
I saw it at another show in Yokohama (japan) and I hope its one of the first release models.

I dont know what the big fuss is all about regarding "Cell". Apple was offered cell as a replacement for IBM, but they blatantly turned it down in favour of Intle.
Jobs was quoted as saying that it doesnt meet apples requirements.
So it cant be all that amazing.


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Jobs had another agenda.

As well as offering a cheap, non-proprietry hardware platform in the short term, if MacOS can be made to run on Intel, the long term view will it be for Apple to release some Windows > MacOS conversion software.

With Microsoft slowly losing the plot (look at Vista - now not much more than a graphical update to XP), it's about time someone came along and shook up the OS market without forcing users to change hardware.

Anyway, that's all OT - I want to work for Pioneer :devil:


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:rotfl: What a waste of money. Youd be so afraid to wear it. Those diamonds would fall out in no time if you actually used it.

I really cant understand why somone would buy something like that. Give me a top of the line Tag any day over a piece of useless jewlery like that.

And if somone gave me that thing, i would sell it and buy a real watch.

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