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hd dvd audio


Well-known Member
Hi, a questions with regards to hd dvd audio... I presume the fact that all av amps dont have necessary processing on board for dolby + and dts hd, you have to use the on board decoding and take the six channel out of my tosh into the 6 channel in on my av amp? I have ordered a toshiba hd a1 and am curious about its audio processing..... Most people seem to be talking about picture quality ( me included ) but as an audio buff as well, how does it compare to sd dvd audio soundtracks..



Active Member
I am yet to sort out the 5.1 (analogue) input to my amp (have just bought some new leads!)
However even using the players internal conversion to DTS the sound for me was more striking than the picture (heresy I know).
To get the full HD experience not only will many people long for a new screen, the'll also be wanting to upgrade their sound system!

Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
They can 're code' the HD audio into 1500bps DTS for conventional processing in current amps. This works pretty well.

theo cupier

Active Member
Nic Rhodes said:
They can 're code' the HD audio into 1500bps DTS for conventional processing in current amps. This works pretty well.

Is that likely to stay true in the foreseeable future, or will there come a point (like I guess with component out) where they will only output HD audio?


Active Member
Isn't this one of the other mistakes that the blu-ray forum have made, i.e. not mandating support for the new audio codecs in the payers themselves so preventing users of exhisting AV amps from taking advantage fo the improved audio tracks? Although I guess they could claim this would increase the cost of the players...


A player with HDMI 1.3 can digitally carry the NATIVE DolbyTrueHD and DTS-HD which are lossless high definition audio codecs. There's apparently just a couple of obstacles: (1) whether the content makers will allow it, and (2) if ever new receivers and preamps come out with appropriate decoders.

Current HD players transcode these native formats to PCM before letting it out their players. Content makers are obviously wary about processing the native codecs without an piracy encryption put into it. But they allow PCM transcoding with some degradation in the signal integrity. This is all you get with present players with HDMI 1.1 and analog multichannel jacks. You can use S/PDIF but you only get DD or DTS bitstreams that are a subset of the audio tracks in the HD disc.

So until there are playback gears than can process the native HD audio codes, I would think the finest digital resolutions are still with DVD-A and SACD.


Distinguished Member
There are some subtle differences between Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

On Blu-ray it appears that the encoding of the tracks will be slightly different and that for DD+, TrueHD and DTS-HD they'll be built in a way that allows the std. DD and DTS tracks to be passed through the player and out of the existing Toslink and SPDIF interfaces. So, if they did release a TrueHD 5.1 track BD film, you would get 640kbps DD to go to your existing amplifier. For DTS you'd get a much better 1.5Mbps output. (Hence the reason on HD-DVD Toshiba re-encode the audio for output over std. DTS rather than DD, even if the original track was DD+...)

However at the moment, BD are encoding sound as uncompressed PCM, which whilst a bit wasteful on space, is in fact audio wise as good quality as it gets really, just a shame they haven't taken the same approach to picture quality.

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