HD coming to my house this weekend - Which box should I hope for?


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Hello all,

My Sky+ box will be replaced this saturday for the HD box. I have read little bit in this forum but have mostly stayed out due to all the horror stories.

Is there a particular box I should be hoping for?

Steve N

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It'll probably be a Samsung, which are generally fine, but there really isn't an ideal Brand/Model.

All can be ok and equally, all can have problems.

At one time (Pre HD) Pace was considered the best.

I recently had a glitchy box replaced and the installer had a van full of new Pace machines and they all had problems handshaking with my amp/plasma. We tried 3 but all gave around 15 seconds of blank screen and lipsync out by more than a second.
He managed to get me a Samsung which has been very good except for a bit of a wait for Info to kick in.

I think it's a matter of fingers crossed and hope for the best :D


In my local area all the engineers have either Pace or Samsung STB's on the vans so in theory you should get one of those.

Good luck & hope you install goes well
in answer to the OP...

...one that works...!

Seriously though I have had all of the boxes and they all fail so go for the ones with the best picture (while they work) and although the pace has problems does give the best picture and next I would ask for a samsung - anything else is just junk!


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Thanks for the replies! I guess like all electronic equipment they are all prone to errors etc.

Will just wait to see what the chap brings on Saturday morning!


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Ask for either a samsung or pace (which i've got:smashin:)
Hope you get what you want. Good luck:smashin:


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intially had Samsung - sound failed , then refurb Tompson Utter poo replaced with new Amstrad - contrast issues only and waiting for new EPG - but quick , quite , responsive and works a treat - happier than i expected to be honest

Dave Walters

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Im new to Sky HD. Whats so bad about the Amstrad boxes? Had mine a week and delighted with it!
I too have had an Amstrad for over a week now and can't find any fault with it i was just surprised it never came with the new EPG - Does anyone know the time delay for receiving the new EPG


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Morning all, installer was here at 0830 and installed a nice shiny Amstrad which I am quite happy with, the PQ is very good on SD.

Just have to wait for all the sports/movies etc to appear now. They said it could take 4 hours, that sound about right?


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the only thing i didnt like about the amstrad box is that stupid contrast problem, everything else is fine with it:cool:

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