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Watched the Sheff U, Liverpool match and later on Bolton, Spurs.
The main camera's used for each match where definately HD, my gripe is the touchline, corner flag shots looked to me SD camera's.

Did anyone else notice the drop in PQ on touchline shots.


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I have to agree with you there, I didn't see any of the games yesterday but i'm watching Man United Fulham on Prem Plus now and the pitchside cameras definitely look SD :thumbsdow

Main cameras look superb though!



It has been mentioned and mentioned time and time again, with the exception of the Steadicam (pitch side) and the net cameras, all the other camera;s are HD. The technology to get small cameras in the nets in HD is not there yet and wont be for sometime. The Steadicam is an HD camera but the quaility varies due to the type of radio link used, getting HD pictures on a radio link is now only just proving to be viable and more devolement is needed. The World Cup steadicams were cabled because the quaility for the link was not there and due to the sheer size of the world cup as a television event HBS could put presssure on Fifa to allow cabled steadicam's pithside.
It is fair to say that Sky will not be allowed this luxury (even though they pay billions to cover it) hence the reason for radio steadicams. So the long and short is things will improve when the technology is there!!
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