HD camcorder, premiere editing help required please


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Hi all,

I was bought a Sanyo Xacti VPC-GH1 HD camcorder for xmas which I was initially delighted with.
Sadly having exhausted every possible method to succesfully edit the files it generates to give a smooth output I'm calling it a day and sending it back, ideally I'd like to replace it with a unit that has a similar performance and spec and that CAN be edited on Adobe Premiere, (as these things should be by just dropping the files in).

I'll list what's happened thus far to clarify things.

Video records and plays back fine on the screen

Video plays back dropped in files fine on media player

Video plays back dropped in files fine in Premiere edit preview screen, (left)

As soon as anything is added to the timeline edited or not it stutters and is jerky in playback as if frames are dropped, i.e. a car passing right to left will suddenly jump three feet and this occurs repeatedly.

This occurs whether rendered or not, regardless of project input settings, when file is exported and processed to ANY other format or even to the SAME format the processed file is jerky in any player and also uploaded to youtube e.g.

Regardless of settings, 1080i 60 fields per second, 1080i 30fps, 720 or even 640x480, this occurs.

Have tried changing the carrier file to .AVI standard on recommendation, same.

Have tried CONVERTING to .AVI standard, same.

Have tried alternate editing suites, varying degrees of success, none better.

Machine for editing is a quad core / 8GB RAM / 400GB dedicated HDD space for edit and video use which well exceeds Adobes recommended basics for CS5 and i'm running CS4.

Note, I listed the above to clarify i've left no stone unturned and to save the time of people offering suggestions, essentially i'm greatly underwhelmed by this, it's an ideal machine for anyone who wants to shoot holiday and family footage then play on TV or record through TV to DVD, otherwise it's useless and as I edit all my videos it's no use to me at all, not even heavy enough to be a paperweight.

So getting back to the point, does any know if there are any machines of a similar price / specification that will give me files I can edit in Premiere without messing?
Are all the H.264 codec files from other machines essentially the same?

Does anyone have a decent priced HD camcorder they use and edit with Premiere?




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Does no-one on here actually edit their footage?

I am now in a situation where I may have to keep and try yet more things to get this to work due to the place that sold it getting clever about returning it, (it was bought about a month before Xmas by my wife as a gift so therefore impossible to test until I received it at xmas), they are trying to wriggle out of their own customer service agreement.

To all UK buyers, DO NOT SHOP AT EBUYER if you value a good customer service, they do not care about you once past the purchase.

I would really really appreciate any input or ideas you people may have, i'm assuming this being a camcorder forum there MUST be someone on here who uses a HD cam and edits with premiere, (or some other software)
Like I say, ANY assistance would be gratefully received.



Yes many do edit their footage without problems. If you can upload some test footage somewhere that has come straight of the camera then I (or anyone) can download and take a look and see what gives.

Without anyone getting their hands on the footage it's hard to advise anything really.




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I don't think the H.264 footage from the Xacti is in the standard AVCHD format, so it may be that the editors, like Premiere, have trouble with it?

The newer versions of most editors, coupled with at least a quad core, can cope pretty well with HD footage these days, although smooth preview on the timeline is probably only guarenteed with an i7 processor.

The easiest way to make AVCHD easy to work with is to convert it to an intermediate format like Canopus HQ or Cineform Neo. Larger files, but much easier to work with!

What I don't know is how easy it is to convert Xacti format H.264 into an easier intermediate format. Do you know of any raw Xacti footage that can be downloaded, to try out some of various options?

But to clarify your original point....no, not all H.264 files are the same format. AVCHD is a proprietary format licenced to Sony, Canon, Panasonic, etc and is much more common.
Not that easy to work with, but, from what you are describing, easier than working with the Xacti files!!


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Thanks for responding.
I guess raw footage uploaded to youtube wouldn't work? I know they format uploaded videos to suit their site so guess this would corrupt it.
I don't have access to anywhere else to upload a raw file unfortunately but will see if I can find any raw footage from the same model on the internet somewhere.
Things were far less complicated with my old Canon MiniDV, though far more time consuming in capturing the footage.

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