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Can anyone tell me how an HD programme is originally filmed? What I mean is, for example, does a film have to filmed in HD to be broadcast in HD? I'm assuming not as there are many 'old' films that you can view on Sky in HD or buy on HD DVD or BD that were orginally filmed before HD was around.

Is there any difference in definition between a film that wasn't originally filmed in HD and one that was?



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I asked the same question a while back and was told that movies originally shot on celluloid have far greater definition than TV HD is capable of showing, so it's realitively simple to convert them to HD video. I'm sure someone more technical than me will explain it better but thats about the gist of it I think.


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If you watch the current HD Preview show on Anytime, there's a segment showing how the BFI are converting old, war-time films into HD to be shown on Sky Arts HD.


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If you are talking about feature films, ie content originally intended for cinema, this article might help you understand the transfer process. Telecine

Now there is a movement towards producing feature films in HD video but with a different resolutions to TV known as 2k or 4k.

Multicamera Outside Broadcast and Multicamera Studios use all new HD equipment all through. Drama and documentaries are generally shot with a single HD Camcorder.

If you are near London and want to find out more you could get down to http://www.broadcastvideoforum.co.uk/. Don't pay for a ticket. Just register and say you are a freelance edit assistant or something like that.

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