HD Breaking Up?


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I am having problems receiving a good signal for HD channels on the following Astra transmissions;

2A North 12246.00V
2A South 11791.00H
2B North 12324.00V
2B South 12344.00H

Could it be that my dish is out of line?

Do I need to climb a ladder in the cold? :rolleyes:

Dave E

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No chance - clones are sorted now ;) Didn't you know?

Since Rev J, nope, K, no wait, L, close, M, warm, N ... another consonant please Carol :laugh:


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Yes it's a common problem on DM800 clones. Try sticking an inline amplifier on your coax, many have reported that solves the problem


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Inline amp purchased and installed. Problem fixed. Thanks for your help.

This must be the quickest thread ever between initial problem & resolution,:D:smashin:


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Yes, beats recent one that started one evening and was resolved 9am next day. :thumbsup:

Dave E

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Might not be yet - most people that fit these find their SNR drops significantly, causing problems on other channels/sats (even though the glitching actually stops)!

Hopefully for the op, he won't be one of them :blush:

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