HD Box overly odd!! Pin and loud fan now!


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Hi all,


Over the last few days our HD box has been getting slower and slower.. it reached a point where I could not record a HD program AND watch something else at the same time (never mind this record 2, watch a 3rd!)

The fan started really spinning up, and was running loud for a day or so. So this evening I unplugged it left it off for an hour. After a little cold-turkey and cutting the grass I powered it all back up for recording Battlestar on SkyHD.... yey!! No loud fan, could record that and watch Heros in HD too! brilliant!!

After watching Heros we started flicking through the channels and Highlander on the SciFi channel is asking for a pin code!!! WHA!!? :eek:

At 10pm?!

Same goes for the Movie channels.. !

Its asking for pin codes!!!??

I've been through the settings,all the parental control is off - well, as much as it was before.

Has anyone got a clue whats happened?


EPG Version: 5.02.fHD
OS Version: 1.32A0B
Version Number: 4E3004

Thanks everyone...



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I have to reboot (pull the power) about once a month to get round the PIN and playback problems.
I would say they have a memory leak and they slowly run out until things stop working and you have to reboot. Of course they could be relying on the fact that the box will crash and reboot itself if you do chase play dual recording or something similar :)
Welcome to the world of SkyHD software faults...


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Sorry for the delay in writing back...

I was one of those early adopter types, managed to have the install within a fortnight of HD going live to the public. Never seen most of the problems people were encountering, this seemed to be the first actual problem I've had with it.

The last few nights we seem to be ok, although we did have some problems for a few days after I posted this message.

I'll have to give it another few weeks and see if things go screwy again.

Well done sky.... :rolleyes:

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