HD box front display flickering


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I have a newish HD box ( free when sky called me out of the blue to swap it for my old Thomson box )
Anyway today the front display LEDs all started flickering, worse during playback, the power led, playing circle and record light are all affected.

It's not constant but happens for about 30 seconds every few minutes, apart from this the box has been faultless aprt from constant lip sync issues

Anyone else experienced similar?


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The LED issue sounds like an issue with the box, I would try turning to standby, switch off at the mains, back on at the mains and the press the sky button after a couple of minutes. If the issue persists you could try a planner rebuild or a download but the issue sound more hardware related. Also make sure the front panel indicator in the sky+ settings is not set to demo but the symptoms you have described don't match the demo mode on the box.

Regarding the issue with the lip sync, are you using an optical cable for the sound. If so have you tried adjusting the optical delay in the HD settings.

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