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HD and Progressive Scan on the three consoles.


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I'm just posting this for some verification.

I know that PAL Gamecube games can't get progressive scan picture, you need a NTSC game and the freeloader for that., But what of the PS2 and the Xbox?

With the Xbox HD Pack and my Xbox set to NTSC mode.. will my PAL games get the nice video change, or only NTSC games? ( I have several NTSC and PAL games, they work despite what setting my Xbox is tuned into ).

And what of the PS2? I'm going to be using a component cable I've bought for it, will it allow the progressive and othersuch modes with PAL gameS? Or just NTSC?... or maybe it doesn't at all?

And just a final thing, the Xbox 360 will make it 720progressive or whatever for any game right? Since it will be a while before modchips are made for it, so I'll be stuck with PAL versions.

Thanks.. sorry about the thread placement, but it is Xbox and Xbox 360 related.


If you get the xbox Hd pack, you have to do the softmod, then your PAL games will be in 480p, 720p or 1080i.

The xbox 360, ALL games will be minimum 720p.


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Hi Xirix,

Taking each turn:

GC: You're absolutely right, only the NTSC games will run in progressive scan. On a PAL machine, you use Freeloader to play NTSC games.

PS2: PAL games support progressive scan via component but I can only name a few which actually offer progressive scan support as an option. I think Soul Calibur does and the Ratchet and Clank series but I can't think of any more.

Xbox: the PAL/NTSC setting is system-wide rather than game-specific so all your PAL games will effectively run as NTSC games and therefore in progressive scan mode if the option is enabled in your dashboard. Some PAL games don't work in NTSC mode though or are glitchy at best. I don't have a listing unfortunately but searching this particular forum should turn up a few examples. If I remember correctly, PAL Grand Theft Auto games don't run on an NTSC games. Although switching your Xbox to NTSC mode will unlock the 480p, 720p and 1080i options, unless the game supports those modes, you can't enable them. Very few titles support the 720p or 1080i modes.

Xbox 360: All games are to support 720p as standard regardless of region.

Hope this helps!


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