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    Yesterday, I burnt a disk with a large collection of files of various format, including: DivX, XViD, mpeg, mp3, mp3pro, ogg, flac, wav, wma, wmv, and others.

    The DV137 did a good job on everything it was supposed to play, but of course didn't play FLAC. Also, it couldn't handle HD format divx files. I tested with a short demo from "Prison Break" in 720p. The DV137 recognises the format, but tells me "HD not supported".

    Would it at all be possible for it to handle mpeg4, 720p/1080p divx if it just got the software for it, or is there a hardware limitation?
    Also, would it at all be possible to make it play flac?

    If at all possible, firmware upgrades for these formats would certainly be appreciated. Thanks in advance Arcam :)

    PS I just searched for the capabilities of the 888 chip, and it should be able to play these HD formats, so getting the software for
    it would certainly be appreciated.

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