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Ok, this might be a bit of a basic question, but i was wondering if i could have it answered.

I am looking to connect various things together:

  • SKY HD
  • PS3
  • Computer
  • HD projector (Panasonic AE900E)
  • 5.1 speakers (Canton Movie 150 QX)
However, i only have two wires running from the projector: HDMI and Scart (and i can't have any more because i have plastered the wall - don't want ugly wires. [Although i could adapt the scart if needed])

Therefore, what is the most effective way of connecting all these things together? -cheaply :)


Jamie Salter

Joe Fernand

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Hello jamieslater

You may want to consider the Octava HDS5-UK (5x1) or HDS3-UK (3x1) Automatic (with manual override) HDMI switches.

That way your not limited in your choice of AV Amp or AV Receiver and being HDMI 1.2 compliant the switches will likely be more up to date than the majority of low cost HDMI capable AV Receivers.

UK SRP's are 149.95 GBP and 119.95 GBP (ex delivery).

See http://www.octavainc.com/index.htm

Best regards



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Right, i understand what your saying.

So, if say, i bought the sony STRDG700 and a two port hdmi switch, would i plug the output of the two port switch into the input of the the STRDG700 so i have three hdmi ins? Would i then plug the audio of each into the strdg700, or have to buy an audio adapter?

Or would a three port hdmi receiver be cheaper?



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Ahh, sorry peskywinnets. At the moment i don't have an amp. Is there one which will do all these things cheaply? Or do i need, previous post, an hdmi switch with the amp.


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at the moment it seems cheaper amps are limited not just to 2 HDMI inputs, but also the cheapest ones with HDMI normally only switch the HDMI inputs, you cant upconvert other inputs to HDMI and output via HDMI.....you also cannot take the sound from the HDMI and process it...

once you get further up the price range you the upconversion and possibly scaling abilities, but i cant remember seeing an amp with more than 2 HDMI inputs, however you can get amps now that upconvert component to HDMI so you could find a way to take a VGA output from your computer and convert it to component (i'm sure you can buy a device to do this)...then upconvert to HDMI....bit long winded tho..lol

in essence a HDMI switchbox is probably the better idea...


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Ok, new question - how would you get 5.1 surround sound into an amp from three 1/8" mini jacks in a pc sound card? I've been looking around and can't find any adapters that fit the bill.


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you need 3.5mm (or 1/8th inch) to stereo RCA cable....make sure its stereo RCA, and not 3.5mm to mono RCA splitter.....

get 3 of those cables....then plug the RCA ends in to the external input (sometimes called 6 channel input or analogue input) on an AV amp....not all amps have them, but most recent ones should except the very cheapest...

el bingo :)

(basically one 3.5mm to stereo RCA will carry the front left and right channels, another the rear left and right channels, and the third the centre and subwoofer channels....for 5.1 sound......if the soundcard has 6 or 7.1 abilities then you may need a 3.5mm 4-pole to stereo RCA/composite video adaptor cable instead, this is like what camcorders use, its a red, white and yellow cable for the amp end and slightly different looking 3.5mm connection for the soundcard end....in this case it might carry the centre, sub and rear centre....thats in the 6.1 case, for 7.1 case two of the outputs on the soundcard will need this 4-pole type connection instead of just stereo....)

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