HD 600X - 3D or not 3D?


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Am new to the pj scene and researching at the moment with a view to buying my first pj. I've noticed that the Optoma 600X is advertised as being HD and 3D ready but am confused as to what this means as it looks like the extra 3D add on is needed. If I have a 3D blueray player connected directly to the 600X will it produce a 3D image? If not then why do they advertise it as 3D? Am a tad confused....


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The 3D ready tag is the same as when they used to advertise "HD ready" TV's. Like you assume you need to add a box such as the Optoma 3DXL or a PC with the NVidia 3D graphics card and software. I would go for something like the Acer H5360BD (note the BD on the end!!) which you can connect a 3D source straight to. But have you got a PS3? then you wont need a 3D blu-ray player as the PS3 will do it.


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I believe the 3d is Nvidia 3D which requires a pc with a nvidia graphics and a pc.

To get any other 3D content you woukd need the 3dxl box.

Companies are now producing projectors wh8ch can be connected straight to the PS3 for 3D content. This seems to be slightly cheaper.

Im considering the Optoma GT750 at the moment for 3d content and watching films as its all built in and will give a brighter image. I was a bit dissapointed with the brightness of the 600X and my room isnt the biggest.

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