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HD 1080P Analogue Video Bandwidth (Component Video) - How Much???


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Can anyone with advanced AV technical knowledge tell me how much video bandwidth an analogue full HD 1080P video signal uses/requires per channel via a component cable. I'm aware the Y channel alone will provide a black and white video image while the Red & Blue add colour information.

I'm aware composite video is a single channel analogue video connection which can output upto 480p or 576i and uses around 6mhz maximum, analogue terrestrial TV in the UK in it's past days on air used 6mhz spaced channels for the video broadcast.

Green (Y): bandwidth in MHZ? - Blue (Pb): bandwidth in MHZ? - Red (Pr) Bandwidth in MHZ = 1080P Full HD (25fps)

I've searched the web high and low for accurate answers, I've had one answer that says 30mhz for Y, 12.5mhz for Pb and 12.5mhz for Pr (55mhz total), some answers say 60mhz total but the answer i've got the most is 75mhz for a full 1080p video single via component, so if 75mhz is correct what would the breakdown of bandwidth be per component cable channel?


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There's no simple answer really. Component HD doesn't really exist, but if you look at a VGA connection, that will normally have a bandwidth of up to 50MHz per channel, but that's 3 full bandwidth channels as opposed to component, where the green information is derived from the colour difference of the red and blue channels and the luminance is sent separately.

With analogue, the bandwidth does not change the line resolution, but the detail of the image. You can send a 1920 X 1080 signal on 10MHz per channel, but the image clarity will be significantly worse than if you had 20MHz per channel. It will still fill the screen fully however.


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As you no doubt are aware, Component HD does not exist per se; the specification (SMPTE 274M) never got past the draft proposal stage. That draft proposal is available online as https://last.hit.bme.hu/download/firtha/video/SMPTE/SMPTE-274M 1080.pdf and additional information can be found in the EBU 3299 specification, available as https://tech.ebu.ch/docs/tech/tech3299.pdf. Note that the European Broadcasting Union specification is for 1080p/25, since they are only concerned with European standards.

The answers to your question are given in the above documents. In short, for 1920x1080/25/P, we're talking 30MHz bandwidth and 74.25MHz interface sampling frequency. SMPTE 74M gives the same figures for 1920x1080/30/P (your question), but with reduced luma samples (2200 instead of 2640) - this is done to ensure the same rates (see also https://www.appliedelectronics.com/documents/Guide to Standard HD Digital Video Measurements.pdf).

As for the cabling requirements, search for SMPTE RP 160-1997 (I have not found an online copy).
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