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D Piddy 1982

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Hi guys

New here, and like almost every new member I’m sure, I’ve come on here for some buying advice.

Recently moved into a new house. Had Sky HD fitted. Turns out my old 27” LG that I used for gaming didn’t have a HD port. So currently using a small bedroom TV in the lounge.

Had a windfall of £500, and the position in the living room where the TV fits is approximately 1m wide. My research led me to the fact that my best option is a 40”.

Next up, and my main major quandary, is whether to go 4K Ultra HD or Full HD 1080?

The 2 options I have narrowed it down to are as follows:

4K Ultra HD option:

PANASONIC VIERA TX-40CX680B Smart Ultra HD 4k 40" LED TV


Standard HD option:

Sony KDL40W705C 40 Inch Full HD Freeview HD Smart TV


TV will be used with the following:

Sky HD



Sports (mainly football and MotoGP)

My thinking is that do I really need 4K? How long will it be until we are actually watching 4K? Probably quite a few years. Or is it worth “future-proofing” myself? When in maybe 2-3 years’ time prices will have come down on 4K and quality will have gone up?

Also I’m probably looking at the mid-upper quality of 1080 HD sets at 40” for my price range, whereas the 4K options are probably the lower end of the spectrum.

If anyone could offer any advice, I’m finding it really difficult to decide which to get, and I’d like to pick one or the other up this weekend so I can start watching the Star Wars films in prep for the new one!

Thanks for any help or advice.


D Piddy 1982

Novice Member
Both models are within my budget, so if we forget about the cost and focus on the actual TV(s) itself.

Chose the Panasonic model as I just typed into Google "best 40" TV" and that's what came up. But as i said, I'm wondering if I really need a 4K TV at this moment in time, as in reality I won't be watching anything at true 4K resolution...

Head is telling me the Sony 1080P Full HD, heart is telling me the Panansonic 4K UHD....

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