HCPCs and ALiS Plasmas


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Currently got my HCPC outputting 1368x768 @ 56hz for 1:1 pixel mapping to a Sony projector.

Thought I'd try connecting the same HCPC to my Sony KE32TS2 plasma, (native res is 1024x1024 ALiS), and I'm getting a really good picture (detects the singal as 1280x768!) however there's one issue I can't figure out ...

When playing back a DVD or Sky svideo input (via an ATI AIW) I get quite bad judder every couple of seconds. I'm guessing this is down to the strange refresh rate of 56Hz? Do the ALiS panels work best at a true 50 or 60hz being interlaced? The RGBHV input on the KE32TS2 is also shared with the component input (use RGB for YUV), and if the menu is configured for this input to be component the DVD playback/TV is really smooth, albeit with not the correct colours!

I know ALiS has been discussed to death on the Plasma forum, however what Powerstrip settings are people using to get the most out of these panels when using a HCPC?

Also, can anyone suggest a way of setting a specific resolution/refresh rate automatically via a batch file or similar? I could then have 2 shortcuts for my DVD software - 1 launches for the projector settings and the other launches with the plasma settings.

I've been considering a Sweetspot card and new Radeon to replace my AIW 8500, however as the primary display settings are set to 56Hz, I don't think this will help anything.

Can any Radeons be configured to output 2 signals at the same time, both with custom resolutions/refresh settings?

Apologies for all the questions, I'm just trying to get some options going forward!!!


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I remember trying to get my brothers Hitachi 42pd (mumble) working with his HTPC. That was a 1024*1024 panel but we settled on 1280*720 or 768(cant remeber) but i do remeber setting up 50hz fro pal and 59.94 for NTSC and it made a huge difference to dvd playback.

I have no idea about your Sony but with his Hitachi the plasma does a much better job of deinterlacing scaling his sky+ via svideo (now component) than we could get via dscaler and flyvideo2000.

Bernard Barnett

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Mark the res on your plasma is actually 852 x 1024 (it's the 42-inch that's 1024 x 1024). Don't know if that might explain some of your issues.


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Bernard - you're absolutely right, I typed the original post after reading lots about 1024x1024 panels - must have been in my mind!

So I suppose the question is what is the correct 1:1 pixel mapping for 32" ALiS panels?

852x1024 or

I'm guessing the 2nd one?
If vertical res is 512 then powerstrip should be outputting an interlaced signal, right?


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Thanks cwick

Sounds like 852x512 is the way to go

Don't suppose anyone has Powerstrip settings for this?!!?;)

Dr Downey

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I'd also like to know what powerstrip settings to use.

Anyone? :lease:


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Perhaps you should try a "standard" HDTV such as 1920x1080i. Although it's not pixel perfect, scaling down the input signal may not be as bad (quality wise) as scaling up a lower resolution. Powerstrip has some inbuilt 1080i settings. Also the aspect should be correct, so the desktop should not be squashed. In my experience, running at 60Hz (like 1080i) should be preferable to a 50hz signal (although I'm not sure what happens when this is rendered by the display at 56Hz).

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