It would be lovely, but coolermaster seem insistant on restricting the MB to micro...... do they not realise they would be alot more sucessful if they gave full atx provision!?

ps. who stole my posts?!!!!

And in addition to it being microATX its also a fairly big case...weird.
I use a micro ATX board now and it has enough slots to cope with any HCPC config ,as for the size its the same as my AV amp so it would be great in my rack.
Where can you get one of these in the UK? I want one ASAP. I have had the motherboard processor - everything, ready for about 8 months and never got around to getting a case yet!
Is it possible to get the all black 600 in the uk? (GX1??)

Hi ,I sent an e-mail to COOLERMASTER UK and they said they would probably be bringing them in toward the end of the year, sooner if more people get on to them.

I had a look at these cases over at CEDIA Baron. They are pretty good. The black ones are nicely powdercoated in the style of Linn electronics if anyone knows what that's like.

They were nice guys too....just hadn't set up their G70 too well....

The one with the fold down flap didn't excite me. Looks really nice till the flap folds down to show crappy plastic drive mechs.

p.s Can you email me with contact for SDI mods to Sky boxes


Hi Gordon,

Actually I was thinking of doing the SDI conversion myself. Although I have asked Visionery if they do Sky+.

I read an faq on a DVD conversion and it should be similar. I'll let you know what I find out.

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