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I am using a ATI 8500 video card in my HCPC, with a sony HS10 projector set to 1366 X768

(1366x768=1366,65,142,207,768,1,3,21,79046,39) set with Powerstrip

Does anyone have any recommendations with the overlay / picture settings in theatertek?
and any other tweeks that would enable the best picture?



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Make sure DXVA is swiched on, set the video settings to


Then re-adjust the projector settings to match.


Thanks for your reply Jeff

The ATI overlay settings are left at default , is this correct?

What should I set the HS10 settings to; I am not using the supplied filter

What does enabling DXVA do, as I found with this enabled the Divas Live DVD was very jerky, but disabling it and also disabling the Cine player DVD Decoder Video Controls, in Control Panel ( added with TheaterTek installation) cured the problem

my HCPC is

Pentium 3 866
750mb RAM
ATI 8500
Audigy 2
Hitachi 7500DVD ROM
NEC1300 DVD Writer
Seagate 80Gb hard drive
Windows XP

TheaterTek does not seem to a better picture than PowerDVD
am i missing some setup options or can this be the case


Peter Parker

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"TheaterTek does not seem to a better picture than PowerDVD
am i missing some setup options or can this be the case"

I had exactly the same findings with my set-up, plus TT is a tad clunky compared to PDVD or Zoomplayer, so I got a refund.

If you need the extra flexibility with PDVD, use Zoomplayer as a front end for it. The latest version has loads of extras, so may be a bit daunting, but is very useful.

When scaling the image with TT, it introduced a slight blue fringe. ZP didn't do this, so TT still needs some tweaking etc. I think it still has a way to go in development, but is constantly being improved, so don't rule it out entirely. I may try it again in the future sometime, but given the choice, if I was going to use the Sonic filters (which TT use) I would use ZP as the front end, not TT.

I'm using a Radeon 9600 non pro feeding an NEC HT1000 btw.

If you're not using the filter (I'm assuming it has a slight pink colour?), then you're going to have a slightly brighter, but slightly greener image. Many projector lamps produce less red than green and blue, so adding a red filter is a good way to improve the colour balance. Of course, reducing green and blue to match the red is how it's done on most other pjs, and will get a similar result.

There is a way to check this, but it needs a test disk with grey scales in it (Avia for example). However, if you're happy with the picture as it is (some of us can be a bit anal - some more than others!), then don't worry about it. :)



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When you say re adjust the projector settngs to match.

Do you mean make them the same as the settings above or calibrate the pj so it works with those settings.



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Chris, you need to recalibrate the PJ with those settings.

Gary, your blue fringe problem sounds like chroma shift, you get this when resizeing the overlay to certain sizes, if you look carefully when using the aspect ratio control you will see chroma shifting around the luma. The important thing is to find a setting that meets your overscan/positioning requirements and doesn't add chroma shift. BTW this isn't a TT bug, if you are using ZP in overlay mode you should still see this. DScaler also has this.


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Re DXVA stutter, DXVA is generally much harder to get right, drivers, PC config must all be perfect, even then you benefit from using reclock. The main benefit is that mpeg decoding is much better. If you as watching video based DVD then DXVA is best switched off as deinterlacing is better in software decoding mode.

Peter Parker

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the info. Strange thing is, I never had this problem with ZP in the past using WinDVD or PDVD filters, and I compared the same movie with the Sonic filters and ZP and still didn't get it, so I don't really know what I was seeing.

I assumed it was a TT issue as I haven't had the problem with ZP and any other filters. It was only the blue that seemed to shift (using DVI if that's any help), so does that still correspond with chroma shift?



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