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Greg Hook

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I have just got a Panasonic AE-100 projector which I am currently running off my standalone DVD player. Not brilliant quality as I am currently using composite! (its the only cable I have for a few days at least)

I have seen a lot of talk about HCPC's and was wondering how to turn my PC into one.

My PC specs are

P4 1.7GHZ
256mb ram
DVD drive
Sounblaster 1024 sound card
Gainward 128mb Nvidia Ti4600 golden sample VIVO graphics card
WIN DVD software

The gainward card has got two DVI connectors on it. Would I be able to get a cable to go from the DVI on the video card to the PC connector on the projector?

What would I do about getting the sound to my amp?

Thanks for any replies


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Greg, I would expect one, or possibly both, of the graphics card DVI ports to be DVI-I (combined digital and analogue) so using an adaptor (like the Belkin F2E4162) plus a regular VGA cable should be fine for the AE100.

cheers, Phil


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General census is the AE100 is at it's best when fed with a DB15 cable directly from the VGA port of the video card to the computer/VGA port of the projector.

Download Powerstrip and setup a custom resolution to drive the projector at its native resolution.

Radeon graphics cards provide the best picuture quality due to 10 bit video DAC's.

If you receiver (presume thats what you have) is dolby digital then feed it via its digital input by using the SPDIF port on the soundcard.


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