HCPC and Panasonic PW series plasmas

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Been reading a lot off here in the last couple of days (wanting to replace DVD player) and its got me thinking more about HCPC as the route to go. Other benefits to me would be geting rid of the video and using as PVR and also possibly getting rid of the PC sat in the corner of our open plan living/dining room.

However, would I get the real PQ benefits of HCPC on my PW5 bearing in mind its a SD panel with a resolution of 852 x 480.

Any positive answers will get me scurrying over the last years threads for advice on set up.........:) with a hole burning in my pocket!


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856x480 at 60Hz gives a 1:1 pixel match on my series 5 ( you loose 2 pixels either side when set correctly.

I use my HTPC for dvd , freeview and PVR duties and for scaling and deinterlacing analogue sources (consoles mostly which I could also record if I desired.

Picture Quality is way better than using the panny on its own.


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Not going into too much detail but I sold my Denon 3800 DVD Player and built myself a HTPC. I now have the HTPC outputting through a Radeon 9200 (VGA) pixel mapped 1:1 into a Panny PW6 SD and the picture is stunning, far more colour, vibrance and detail than my old DVD player could ever provide.

This is without going into the benefits of using the HTPC as a film and music server. Front end of MyHTPC is excellent, having some forty films on HardDrive and over sixty albums (Only the size of your HD limits having all your collection on there) is so much easier to use.

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Thanks very much both of you - looks like its going to be the way to go for me.

Now for the long haul that is going to be filtering out the hardware info on here for the novice.:eek:


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Mr D.

Could you just advise how you are connecting your HCPC to your Panny panel? IS it as I suspect via VGA or is it via the Panny's DVI board?



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VGA all the way although the graphics card I'm using does have a DVI output : at one point I was driveing the plasma with the DVI output and a DVI to VGA dongle and the other dsub vga socket was driving an ae100m projector at the same panel resolution , very easy to switch backwards and forth.

You may need powerstrip to force the correct resolution but its all well covered in this forum.

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