HCPC Advice needed??!!



HI, I need some desperate advice on a couple of things. I am new to the HCPC world. I have started to build a pc with the follwing spec

Accent HT200 caes
Abit N7V motherboard
AMD 64 bit 3200 CPU
512mb PC3200 ram
Maxtor SATA 160gb HD
Radeon 256mb 9600 graphics
Q Technology PSU
Remote eye fitted
Possibly using Windows MCE as the main interface

I am stuck with what video capture card to get, I would love the holo3dgraph 2 but cant afford it at the moment. Any other cards that are reasonably priced that has component input/output

Also I am struggling in figuring out the best way to connect everything up to get the best setup. I have the following AV gear

DENON 3803 amp (used to upgrade vid to Component)
DENON 2900 dvd
Panny PW6 plasma with tuner box (no speakers)
7.1 speaker system
Sony Vid

Primarily I want to use the HCPC as a PVR and Music jukebox and even movie jukebox. I have theaterTek (not sure how to use it yet) AnyDVD and that's about it at the moment. I currently have everything (except vid and Xbox)running to the AMP and then run component to the plasma.

Any comments would be welcomed.



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For video capture search on here for "Sweetspot", though I only used one briefly for viewing an STB on a pj I think it can do what you need.

Can't help with PVR software, though the Sweetspot does I think come with one now, AnyDVD is a good choice and TheaterTek with the 9600 will provide excellent DVD playback.

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