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    Something slipped my mind when ordering the keydigital RGB-YUV convertor, and that was VOLTAGE , errr yes the kd RGB-YUV convertor runs on USA 110v. Ohh No.

    Well by absolute pure coincidence the transformer for the ISCAN was identical to the transfomer for this, the same brand even but 220v.

    So if you're going to get one of these, the specs are 6v 2A centre pin postive.

    The manual says to use only their own transformer, but I've never bothered with that rule on any hardware, transformers are always poor quality anyway and I don't see key digitals being the exception.

    Anway, at last 720p, progressive scan, wide screen YUV at 60hz, PAL or NTSC without tearing, is now possible. If you have read any of my last threads you will find that i've tried all the tosh's combos in the RGB end, but any resolutio gives you tearing. I came to the conclusion that the YUV 60hz 720p would not suffer the same.

    There is a little quality loss through the box, but not enough to get concerned about, the picture is magnificant. A hell of a lot brighter and up front with greater depth. I use power strip to run the HDTV 720p 60hz rez, set the convetor on auto and bingo,

    The key digital box is only about 3" long and looks more like £10 worth of kit (incidently it came to £129 with no customes charges and was shipped very quickly). But it does do the job. Suprisingly at 60hz there isn't any real sign of problems with jitter with PAL or NTSC, no more so than the original film would exhibit.

    WinDVD is noticeably better than PowerDVD 3, but I'm not really an expert in this field. Though they are both quite a leap above my ISCAN and regular component DVD.

    I'm sure what I've done will apply to many other projectors, just watch the power supply.

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