HCC review of Mordaunt-Short MS909W

Ian J

The current edition of Home Cinema Choice has reviewed the £500 Mordaunt-Short MS909W subwoofer.

For your money you get a 12" driver with 300 watt amp in a wooden case that looks rather nice. Unusually at this price point you also get a set of notch filters which will provide an element of room equalisation which is unusual in a sub at this price.

HCC's summary was that it represented "Awesome value for money for a high end, well equipped and beautifully made subwoofer. Musical, accurate, powerful and fast."

I heard this sub being put through it's paces at the Bristol show this year providing low end for Fast & Furious. Very impressed I was too

For anyone looking for a larger sub with a wooden case at this price point I can heartily recommend a demo of this one.


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Looking for somebody who is selling this, but can't find any decent deals on it.

I am inclined to go for this one now over any other so it matches the rest of my system.

Just wish I could find a decent discounted price on it.

Ian J

Originally posted by Kazman
Looking for somebody who is selling this, but can't find any decent deals on it.
To be honest, you won't get the decent subs heavily discounted as they don't need to be but you you should be able to negotiate a small something from your local dealer.

Ed Selley

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Thanks for the positive comments Ian :smashin:
The only other things I suppose I should add is that the 909 in the photo's was a cherry one which will probably be difficult to find now as it has been replaced by the Maple which is lighter (but IMO at least is a nicer finish still). Black remains alongside as ever. Size if anyone is interested is 42cm cubed.


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Just to add the MS309 has just been given 5 stars in What hif, May issue as well. The baby brother at £230 I assume.

Ed Selley

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Originally posted by FazerThou
The baby brother at £230 I assume.
A spin off project to improve the performance of the Premiere system. It is an exactly scaled down 909 with a diminutive version of the same amp. The notch filter from the 909 (itself derived from the THX pack) remains to allow room resonance to be reduced as well.
Incidentally, if aqnyone would like to know what a maple 909 looks like, it looks exactly like a bigger version of the 309 in the WHF shoot. I can only hope we keep this up for the next MS product to be reviewed :).

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