HC Room Pictures / Plaques


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Firstly I'm not sure if this is in the correct section, so apologises if not.

Right, I've been building my own HC Room and now I'm looking for some artwork / plaques to put up in the room.
I found a website a while ago with picture such as 300 / batman / blade runner which were printed on MDF and looked really good.
I have these stored on my laptop however I'm not sure how to upload them, as I can only see insert image, where it's asking for a URL.

So I was wondering if anyone knew a website that did something similar.

I'm also pondering on getting a plaque or two, but not sure at the moment. All depends on what is out there and what quality they are.

:facepalm:Well after scrolling down the page I found the button to attach my images of the pictures I am talking about!:facepalm:

Cheers Tal.


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