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HC newbie needs advice please

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by keithyboyv8s, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. keithyboyv8s


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    First post guys - so be gentle. ;) I' m about to set up my newly purchased HC kit for the first time. I've bought a Denon 2105AVR and have also acquired a Mission FS1 AV speaker system. These will hopefully compliment my Sharp LC30ADIE TV (fairly new) and a Toshiba SD210E DVD (fairly old but stilll working well!)

    Several questions being new to HC (although I've done some reading):

    What are the advantages of routing everything (video and audio) via the AVR - apart from the on screen menu for the AVR set-up which I guess I could do temporarily via the AVRs monitor output to one of the Video Inputs on the TVs separate freeview tuner box? Surely the audio aspect is all that needs hooking up?

    The RGB scart from the DVD to TV gives an excellent picture, better than the component connections (which are available on both) according to some reviews I've read for this particular TV. I'm using a good quality QED Squart. Can I still maintain this connection and separate the audio signals via coax or optical or do I have to invest in component connectors and possibly sacrifice picture quality?

    What is the better digital audio hook up - via coax or optical? One's electrical the other uses fibre right?

    The TV also has an optical audio output and the DVD player has both. Am I right in thinking if I route the TV's optical audio output through the AVR I can listen to broadcast TV via the Missions too?

    What about speaker positioning. Given these are NXTs do they still need to be around ear height for the front three and the two rears up high on the wall?

    I obviously dont want to spend a fortune on unnecessary cabling and connectors but will buy good quality for what I need.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Dfour

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    Jan 19, 2004
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    :hiya: And welcome to the forums :thumbsup:

    Im suprised to hear thet scart is supposed to give better pictures than componant as that is generally thought as best. Have you tried a comparison?

    The main advantage of routing everything through the amp is tidyness of cables and upconversion to componant if the amp does it. Not necessary if you dont want to. Just keep using the scart from the Tosh. I use a QED RGD only sqart and find the pictures better then a fully wired scart.:smashin:

    IMHO coax sounds better then optical so I would use a coax from the dvd to the amp. I don't know the tv, does it have a inbuilt DD decoder or freeview ? If so you could then link the tv to the amp with an optical cable for the tv output. If not get some analogue cables to connect to the amp from the tv.

    The best thing to do with the speakers is experiment with positioning and see what sounds best to you. Get a SPL metre for setting it all up properly even if hte amp has an auto setup. My Yamaha 1400 has and it never gets it all right.:nono:

    For quality coax and analogue cables at :beer: money pricing look for Mark Grant in the cables power buys forum (I think I should ask Mark for commision the ammount of people I refer to him:devil: )

    Hope this helps ;)

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