HC in Garage, project to Start 2007


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Hi guys, i plan to turn my garage into a HC in the summer of 2007.

Its about 28 feet wide and 21 feet long.

I plan to have 1/3 as study area and the other 2/3 as a movie area.

I have a 2.8 meter electronic projector screen, Infocus IN76 projector (http://www.infocus.com/Products/Projectors/IN76.aspx). 16 feet monster ultra 1000 component cable, and Samsung HT_THQ25 (http://www.samsung.com/uk/products/homecinema/homecinema/ht_thq25rxeu.asp)

Thats all i have got so far. am 2 so taking me time to save up. pernts gave permisions to mod the garage :thumbsup:

I plan to be able to watch ntl and sky to so i guess the only other thing ill need is an amplifier right?

correct me if am wrong.

I have got a buget of £1000 to do it up. (the wallers are allready plastered and it has ok lighting, the buget excludes costs for sofa and carpet for floor.)

Ill post some pics of the room as soon as i can.

so what do you guys think i need, and what do you think of the stuff i have got? any help/ points apriciated.



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hi welcome to the forums:

by the sounds of things you pretty much have it sorted, an amp and speakers sounds like all you would need to get up and running, have a look in the classifieds on the forums theres plenty of bargains on there,
there is also plenty of garage conversion threads available in this section for help and advice.

hope this helps

p.s it is nice to see pics of your progress in the home cinema section


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Thanks for the quick reply, the samsung thq25 comes with 5 speakers and subs.

as for ntl and sky, i have thought to buy the new sky hd box or the ntl tvdrive as i dont need to buy any converters.


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if all as you are going to connect to the pj is the samsung and sky hd then there is probably no need for an amp, you can connect the sky via the samsung as this has component and hdmi inputs and outputs


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so what goods an amplifier, is it if i want to have more inputs?

i just saw your HC, wicked man. just wanted to ask does it make any diffrence if you have the projector mounted to the cilng or have it at the back on a shelf?


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Does this Samsung unit playback HD DVD's??

I wish, it only cost £213 inc p&p. it plays no hd dvd as far as am aware but it plays your avrage dvds and it plays coppies, multiregion, divx (all formats so far) and has usb input which is good because i can stick an episode f stargate and watch it on the big screen and it comes in handy if you have a portable usb hard drive.


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mine was mounted to the ceiling because i wanted the best picture for the size of screen i was using so after working my throw distance out that was the best place for it.
depending on your distance with the in76 you shouldn't really have a prob. always best to have a trial run first and try it out


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so what goods an amplifier, is it if i want to have more inputs?

yes thats one reason but using an amp will also allow you to control your sound better.
the home cinema dvd all in 1 systems are ok but usually pretty basic regarding set up
a good amp allows you to setup speaker size/distance/height etc etc.


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Hi guys i finaly got some pics of the garage.

Its been skimed and its got lights etc. everything is going from their whenthe actual work starts in the summer.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Back Wall of Garage

Garage Celling

Garage front

I am still think as to wear to have all the equipment and screen placed, its bloody hard lol.

the Garage door will be replaced by does french doors or what ever they are called. like the patio doors that open up into the garden. and ill have blackout curtains attached so when i want to watch anything i can make it pitch black.

Am, not sure where the electric screen would look good, i was thinking were the garage doors are but my family think against the wall in picture Garage1.

What do you guys think.

As you can see their are flurecent tube lights, i wish to keep them as they are cheap and produce enough light for a genral entertainment / chill out room. however they look nasty.

Is their anything i can do? any sugestions apriciated. but i dont want to change the colour of the light by getting a diffrent coloured one.

I was thinking of having an mdf frame made with some sort of material added to it and attach that to the celling covring the light. that way it will look nice and the light will come true.

As for the study area, i was thinking of having the corner were the book shelf/ wardrobe is.

It will be carpated and painted when its finished lol.


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Well Finaly the work has started, not exactly the way i wanted it but since my dad said he will pay for the extension and stuff, all i have to pay for is the equipment so i compromised. am only 21 and dont have much cash so its a win win lol.

Will now be having a path cut through the bathroom to the garage, so i dont have to go outside to get into the garage. make life so much easier and cost alot more as the bathroom will be need to be redone (it was time anyway, it was a huge room).

Will keep on posting as it progresses.



ow and that window will be removed and the door changed :)


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Been realy busy guys and never had time to post

Its all done now and i will post the complete pictures tomorrow.

the garage door is gone and it now looks like a room.

from the inside

the projector is up

only took a hdmi cable in as i thought id buy the onkyo 705 and have every source outputed to the projector using hdmi. what do you think?


Below is the passage into the entertainment room, the passage was made by making the bathroom smaller ( bathroom still a nice size). ignore the mess lol, bathroom being rebuilt from scratch.


Loads of light coming into the passage/ hallway as mums into gardning and she wanted space to put her plants.



Will post the complete thing tomorrow, but i still waiting for the sofas to arrive, and need to buy a nice flat screen to go with room, have got a old 24" crt tv in place for the time being and the screen only comes down 3/4 as it hits the tv if it goes any lower lol.


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I was wondering whether it was going to happen at all, great to see some progress... :smashin:

Is it a dedicated Cinema/Games room ??


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Hi, sorry again been busy.

I am going to use it as a study/ Entertainment Room.

pictures of the room from different angles, has changed allot.





the setties will/ have been replaced by a black 3 & 2 sofa set.





As you can see its not bad, i know have a V+ box set up and it looks great. but when they were plastering the wires behind the wall they put the screen receiver in the wrong place.


i can get the screen down via the remote but cant stop it as the screen gets in the way therefore i have to do it manually. is their something i can get to overcome this problem such as an extended receiver or something?

Ow and a close up the carpet lol



PS. i will post a picture of the new sofas and with a movie on sometimes next week & sorry i dont know how to shrink the pics..


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i still need to upload my new pics with the Black sofas, ill try to that asap but my bluetooth ain't working on my phone.

and i would be greatful if anyone can tell me how to get arount the proplem of the screen coming down the ir receiver for the screen.


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