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HC Garage conversion...yes, another one!


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Hello all,

Well…I have been lurking on these forums for a while now and have finally decided to bite the bullet and set the wheels in motion with a HC garage conversion. My main problem is… where to start??? I’m not a complete noob thanks to these forums! But I am a DIY Dunce and so will have to employ the skills of a Professional to get the job done. I’m afraid I have a few questions to ask but you lot seem like a decent bunch, so i'm hoping you can help!

It’s a pretty standard 12x9ft integral garage in a detached property. So far… apart from emptying the garage, all I have done is seal the concrete floor as the house is only a couple of years old and the dust in there was a problem. I have decided that going the building regs route is probably for the best. I have read about insurance etc and unfortunately the Mrs soon got wind of it (me and my big mouth eh!) and so her only request was to ‘keep it legal’ … as she puts it!!

I have contacted our local council and spoken with a planning officer. I informed him that it was my intention to build a timber frame structure on the inside of the garage door,infilling with appropriate insulation and then 2 layers of plasterboard, which seems to be the norm? (I have also acquired a case of Green Glue that will be sandwiched between the boards).

He has stated that the 3 other walls (only 1 external) will require insulated plasterboard and the floor ‘should really’ be stepped up and also insulated. I was hoping to avoid this, not just for cost reasons but If we ever move house it will just be a case of taking down the main screen wall and hey presto, it’s back to a garage… albeit a well decorated one.

My main questions at the moment are…

1.Do I have to build the floor up??? or in other words… when he turns up to inspect the work, can he force me to do this before approving the job. If So, is there an easier/cheaper way of doing it rather than battening the floor out, floor boards etc

2.I have a Boiler, Electrical Switchboard and a gas pipe on the external wall. Is it wise to board over the pipe work or should this remain on the outside of the board and just box it in for aesthetics ?

3.Is there a specific ‘best type’ of plasterboard to use for maximum acoustic effect with minimal cost? I know there is some expensive stuff out there but was just wondering if there is a standard board some of you guys have used?

Sorry for all the questions (and the length of this post). I have read so much but this really is a minefield and I just want to try and get it right…preferably first time !

Many thanks



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Don't know about your plasterboard question but with respect to the other two:

- Building up the floor/insulation etc is with respect to turning the room into an officially 'habitable room'. If you just want to keep it as a garage officially (although as you say, a well-decorated one!) then you shouldn't need to build up the floor
- No particular reason why you can't hide the pipes inside the new stud walls: just ensure you have access to anything you need to (consumer unit, meters etc) which could either be boxed in or via access panels

Welcome to the forums by the way :thumbsup:

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