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HC connecting to VCR etc


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Hi there...im a bit of a newbie and i need your help.

I have a Samsung LCD TV which is a couple years old now...and i wanted to connect a home cinema system to it.

On the tele i have the following ports

Composite, Scart, Phono in and output, hdmi, and component (RYW, and the other one....RBYRB etc)

how do i connect the cinema up so that i can have Terestrial sound coming from the speakers and also the vcr..

the vcr has a scart and composite

i have a freeview box which has a scart port as well

and the HCS is a sony HTPBD36SSE1FIYG

i have phono cables, and scart cables and HDMI cables all at the ready...however the system has gone into protection mode as soon as i turned it on and have been informed that it needs to be replaced so waiting on comet to do that for me....but i would like some help in connecting it all so the sound comes out of the speakers on the HC, i know that it would not be 5.1 on all the items which is not a problem...and also my tv does nto have optical.

look forward to hearing from you guys soon!!!

thanks :)


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Hi, welcome to the forums.
The model number of the TV would be useful, but if you can confirm that the red/white audio jacks on the back are indeed labelled OUT, then that's all we need to know.

There should be an analogue phono input on the rear of the home cinema labelled 'TV', all you need to do is connect the audio out from the set to that and you'll hear whatever is on the screen at that time (incl. VCR etc.). (Remember to turn the volume down on the set when using the HC.) You'll then need to press the 'TV' button on the home cinema remote to select the correct audio input; also press SOUND FIELD to set the A.F.D. mode to 'PL II MV', to get sound from all speakers.

The BD player should still be connected with HDMI to the home cinema (BD IN), then HDMI OUT to TV.

btw, with the Freeview box, you should also check that the picture aspect is set to 16:9 widescreen in its settings menu.

More info on the system: http://www.avforums.com/forums/all-one-systems/1109167-sony-bd36ss-review.html


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thanks very much ows :) thats alot of reassurance...now i have to wait for my replacement system to arrive......fingers crossed they don't end of line the stock without replacing my item :D

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