HBO Chief doesn't believe in 4K and never did believe in 3D


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But he's going soon

Speaking during the TV Connect conference in London, Bob Zitter - executive VP and Chief Technology Officer at HBO - issued grave portents for the future of Ultra-HD and basically put the nails in the coffin of 3D in the home, at least for the time being.

Zitter, who is about to retire, said: “We never thought that 3D with glasses was ever going to get off the ground. Consumers have shown they do not want to wear glasses in the home. 3D with glasses is dead.”

Despite the industry's current push for 4K, Zitter doesn't think the public either wants or needs it:

“I'm very sceptical that consumers are going to want to buy it,” and went on to suggest the benefits of 4K wouldn't show on display's that will fit easily in to the home. It's not a new argument but our experiences don't tally with those of Mr Zitter.


Zitter did say that 4K TV could perhaps gain a market by delivering glasses-free 3D - something we do agree with - or if new technologies such as wall-panel TV or OLED-based flexible ‘wallpaper' screens emerged and won over consumers.

Let's see what his successor has to say in a few months time...

Source: 3D Focus


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Hope 4K will with time get a solid ground but agree that mr average joe isnt intrested as BD is good enought for him.
And 3D i see have a slight rise in movies out on the cinema but its still just a "add on" thats few want

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