Hawkeye (Disney+) Season 1 Premiere TV Show Review & Comments


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thanks for the review, good to know its decent, think i'll save this until xmas so I can binge it, I always find individual disney/marvel eps a bit lacking, enjoyable enough but better as a whole.


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Thanks, Cas. Another great review. I think that I'm going to enjoy Hawkeye very much.

It's a cold, grey late November Wednesday but there's 2 episodes of a brand new MCU property waiting for me to watch this evening. Bliss.


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It's gonna be a win Cas for the reasons I said in the main thread. Grumpy middle aged guy saving Christmas. Sorted.

I've actually just started Falcon and WS and Loki as well, so will triple team it now with episodes of those to catch-up.


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I'm really looking forward to this series and the Christmas theme is a nice touch. Wandavision is my favourite so far, I found Falcon & The Winter Soldier a little uninspired and Loki I just couldn't engage with the characters.


Caught the first episode at lunch time, and quite enjoyed it. Looking forward to the second a little later this evening.


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I still need to finish Loki, for some reason I'm just not invested in it even though I thought the first episode was decent.

I'll give this a whirl during the holidays next month.


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Thanks Cas. We are going to grab a month of Disney+ for the Holidays, and this is the perfect Christmas tree decoration.


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Those first two episodes were a lot of fun!
Great opening scene in ep1 too!


Not a bad start.
Lots of the smartarse writing for Kate with Clint has been heard so many times though in teen dramedy stuff but at least other parts were better honed.
Tony Dalton's Duquesne was amusing but why, oh why have the lovely Simon Callow and kill him off so soon?
I was hoping for a more dedicated Renner outing with stronger themes here (ironic too that Kate tells Clint his branding is off for headline status) but as soon as I saw the poster, it was, oh, so, Kate front and centre plus Hawkeye then. Shock. I'll just have to reset expectation if this show continues to be geared toward Hawkeye chasing after a bungling Kate wanna/newbie.
Not to sound too downbeat though, as it is yet another deserved seven. I however can't help but feel a little sunken hearted every time I see a 7 from one of your reviews @Casimir Harlow
Of late, perhaps more recent writing in both TV and Film may've been better served if male and female writers bounced off each other for if not a more rounded outlook but knowing angles.
Good to hear Depeche Mode's Christmas Island (again) as the 'ominous music' to introduce Yelena.


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Much like the other Marvel series this one needs a huge uptick going forward, they for the most part finish strongly.

Now having watched the first two episodes I thought it OK but a bit thin on the ground .

So far I've found the fight scenes to be slow poorly choreographed and lacking in any flow or impact to them.

Hawkeye so far for myself feels like a passing of the torch ( or bow ) much like Black Widow .
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Much like the other Marvel series this one needs a huge uptick going forward, they for the most part finished strongly.

Now having watched the first two episodes my concern is this is the main charecter is the season over all else .

So far I've found the fight scenes to be slow poorly choreographed and lacking in any flow or impact .

Hawkeye so far for myself feels like a passing of the torch ( or bow ) much like Black Widow .

Yes, that's what I thought too. It seems as if the stuntmen throw their punch and there's a visible pause whilst they hold position waiting for her to do her move.

I've only seen the first episode so far, and I did enjoy it, but, as you say, the fight scenes weren't great.
I hope she gets a tailor to take in the costume as it didn't seem to fit her, (for obvious reasons)


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another moan on the fight scenes (predominantly the big one in the kitchen)... got a bit of bourne supremacy going on... to zoomed in, camera too frenetic, fast edited... all feels a bit "best way to hide a fight scene that doesnt look good whilst still having a fight scene"....

Other than that i kinda liked it... not amazing but definitely not poor either... just a decent enough TV show.

Probably not helped because weve been spoiled by the likes of John Wick and Nobody more recently.


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Watched the first two last night and I currently give it an 'it's alright' review. I will certainly keep watching but fingers crossed it gets a bit better. For those that watched it, was
the hotel where the party/auction was the same one used by Kingpin in Daredevil? It looked very familiar


Which came first in the comics, (Green) Arrow or Hawkeye? I watched the Arrow TV series before any of the MCU movies and to me at least Hawkeye seems a little lightweight in comparison. As Cas says in the review perhaps this is just down to how he seems more of a bit part player (in the movies I’ve seen so far with him in)?

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Being so close to Christmas the timing of marvel's 'Hawkeye' couldn't be better with plenty of snow and bell ringing Santa's, so with Jeremy Renner adding his movie charisma to an excellent Marvel production, and Jeremy being partnered by well chosen English co-star Florence Pugh I think we may have a winner at last to give the Marvel universe a bit of a well needed boost
Hopefully if my prediction works out ( I have only watched 2 episodes) Marvel / Disney+ might take note and get back to making escapist entertainment and leave the social messaging for the dedicated studio melodramas made by the CBS.
I may change my score later but for now Hawkeye is an 8 out of 10.


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The first episode is boring. I fell asleep.
Most of it is talks and conversations, it is more like a family series. The second episode, on the other hand, has a lot of action and makes you want to see more

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Watched both episodes last night, I really enjoyed them.
Is the series going to be the revival of Clint and bring him more into the limelight or is it a handover to newbie? :D
Looks to me like Kate and Clint will pair up as a sort of on and off dynamic duo for this series.
Clint will retain his 'Super Hero', title and Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) Bishop will likely get the higher percentage of screen time as Clint's new apprentice 'Hawkeye'.
It may be that Jeremy is only appearing in this limited series, but we shall have to wait and see.
6 episodes does seem to be about right for this new show, any more and it could lose some appeal, hopefully Marvel / Disney+ will continue making these type of limited season shows.

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