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Went to the Hawk Conservancy a few weeks back which is just a few miles down the road from me and a great day out. As seems to be the norm at the moment, the weather was terrible!

Photographing Birds in flight is something I still really struggle with. I'm planning to go back again soon, so any tips would be appreciated!:smashing:

Here's a few from the day.


DSC08067 by Paul Mansfield, on Flickr
Barn Owl by Paul Mansfield, on Flickr
DSC08164 by Paul Mansfield, on Flickr
Bald Eagle by Paul Mansfield, on Flickr
DSC08258 by Paul Mansfield, on Flickr
Tawny Owl by Paul Mansfield, on Flickr


lovely set 1 and 4 for me :)


I am off there soon.
What focal length lenses did you use, find most useful?

You can always click through the shots to flickr and use the "Actions" Drop-Down to view the exif on each shot :)


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Hi Loz, lens was a Sony 70-300G and as Jim said you can view the Exif in Flickr. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Yes thanks.

I have been before, but have now been given a photography day there as a present, so wondering what lenses to take, or perhaps even hire as it might be worth it for the day (as I don't have any L class lenses - or G class as you Sony folks would have it :))


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Yeah, I Found my lens a bit limiting at times although I got some reasonable results, especially considering the awful weather we had! Was talking to a guy there on the day who was shooting with a Canon 600mm f4, and the pictures were fantastic, but unfortunately a bit out of my price range!

Would like to do the photography day there myself someday!


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Superb shots, #2 #4 & #5 are the best for me in a great set, been trying to do some of this myself lately and I don't have many "keepers" from a day of shooting.


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If you have never been, this place comes highly recommended.

Great opportunity to practice your BIF skills because they fly an amazing range of birds of prey

hct-25 by lozwilkes, on Flickr

hct-42 by lozwilkes, on Flickr

and they get pretty close and personal too. I was sat just a couple of feet away from this handsome fella when he landed beside me
hctvulture by lozwilkes, on Flickr

Don't go on a Bird of Prey experience day though if you are a bit squeamish
hct-28 by lozwilkes, on Flickr


great shots - love that last one - just the "brave" look on her face :D


Some cracking shots from both parties, last set in particular :)

(Yes I do see that the first ones were posted a couple of years ago :p)


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Lovely bird shots - is this the place in Andover? I am aiming to get there one day next week. If anybody feels like joining me please send a PM.


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Lovely bird shots - is this the place in Andover? I am aiming to get there one day next week. If anybody feels like joining me please send a PM.

Yes - just between Andover and Thruxton.

Great day out.

Important to follow the timetable if you want to get all the best shots. The Hawk Conservancy Trust - What to see Don't miss the demonstrations as that is where they fly all the birds. Though you can skip the 10:45 wild raptor feed as you will see plenty of that in the 2:00pm demo.

For the Valley of the Eagles demo, sit at the end in the middle rows - not at the front, in the middle like you might normally expect to do. You can still see all the action, but you will get much closer to the birds they fly right through the audience who will land right next to you because that is where the handlers feed them from.
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