Having Trouble With Tosh 36ZP18 Can anybody Help?


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Hi all I have a Toshiba 36ZP18 Picture Frame TV That I am having Problems With This is now my 3rd set!! all showing the same fault so I am coming to the conclusion that it may not be a tv fault but something interfering with the tv

My problem is that near the top left hand corner and a little down the left hand side & right hand side but more so in the top left corner is (now this is hard to explain but I will do my best) when there is a white or very bright background breing viewed the corner of the screen goes a light blue about the size of my palm it is always there whatever I am watching and it is really bugging me

now as I said before this is my 3rd set and they all show the same bluey colouring its like if you put a speaker to close to the screen and it pulls the picture but I have no speakers anywhere near the tv the shop I bought it from have been great but they are saying now there is nothing wrong with the tv but I have something in my house that is interfering with the set becuse when the set is back at the shop on there test bench there is nothing wrong with it and the picture is perfect I have seen it myself

I have disconnected every thing from the tv and just ran it with the tv aerial but its still there (if it helps I have a Tosh SD-210E DVD, Thomson TIVO & a Panasonic Sky Digi Box Connected to the tv)

Another thing I have noticed with this set and not the other 2 is that the top left hand corner of the screen also flickers a little with the tv is showing a bright or white image

So if anybody can give me any ideas then that would be great as I am at a loss of what to do next


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I don't really like directing people to the following threads because you will most likely find things out about your TV that you just did not want to know. Nevertheless, you have had 3 sets already so here goes:


and the follow-up thread:


This set has numerous inherent faults so if you are still not happy after having 3 of them, my advice would be to try and exchange it for another manufacturer.

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