having trouble updating to roll up 2!


im trying to get my movies installed but i can`t do without the roll up 2 update.
every time i try to install i get an error telling me i can only update mce 2005(which i have)
the version i have is 5.1.2700.2230.
i tried vista and quite liked it but nvidia will not give out custom res options in the vista drivers:mad:
i`ve had a google but i can`t find nothing.
any ideas?


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This is a known problem with a fix. There is an entry in the registry that makes the updater program think that you have the wrong version. I cannot off the top of my head recall the exact deatils & don't have the time to Google it for you but persevere & you will find it. Try Aaron Stebner's blog as I think there was some discussion there about this.


thanks for the reply.
i have looked at the blog and can`t find the fix.
whats strange is that i had recieved a message telling me i had an update to install.
it was the roll up 2 update and it installed ok. but when i rebooted,media centre would not work and the update was not in the list of update in the add or remove program bit.
at this rate im going to buy a stand alone dvd player and jump on my htpc:mad:


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I had some problems with Roll-up 2 as well. Just out of interest, do you have any external hard drives or NAS's on your network? eg. a Netgear SC101 or anything?

In order to get my update to work, I downloaded the roll up 2 installation file from c-net downloads (I think - just googled it), disconnected my network card and installed it while not on the network - didn't get the error. Might be worth a punt.


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