Having trouble installing custom profiles on my Canon XF100


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I'm probably missing a step here, but I wonder (hope) someone can explain what I am missing in my trials!?

Attached is an image showing the custom profile I have downloaded.

I copy the folders to the SD Card, insert it and then go to load the CP from the SD card. All the options are greyed out.

I then tried a different way, by copying just the files to the SD card without the Folders.

All SD card options are still greyed out.

I read the manual but it doesn't actually say what files you should be importing, just import the CP file from the SD card. Really helpful.

Can anyone point out what I am missing here in the steps to copy the profile to my camera?

Cheers, MP

(I also uploaded the J.Cine file I am trying to copy, in-case that helps solve the issue?)



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Issue resolved. Formatted SD card in camera and then loaded just the folder C_PICT onto the card and all worked well.


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