Having Problems with my HDTV (LCD)


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Hi, A couple of years ago we got a 37" Full HD LCD TV (PHILIPS 37pfl7662d_05). I have lately been encounting problems with it.

1. Using HDMI or Component, 1080p picture looks very unnatural. Text looks very jagged and rougth and looks too sharp, tried every sharpness setting and i'm not too happy, even when the sharpness is at "0" It looks really soft and you can still see the jaggies, I don't like it, it isn't HD so im using 1080i resolution and I have the same problems with 720p (Have it with the PS3 and Humax HD Set-Top-Box. Any solutions

2. The picture has allot of artifacts (no-matter what the source) and I have only just stared to get them (I have only started having that problem). When there is a colour, such as a red wall, It all goes pixilated with some darker and lighter (what's happening). My preference for contrast is "88" which I setup using a calibration pattern but when I turn it down to "65-55" they are gone but I lose quite a bit of clarity. Any help

Well all I have done is explained but tommorow I will try and post some pictures to see if you understand and tell me why these wierd things are happening?

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