Having major screen problems with Bravia KDL-32L5000


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My name is Andrew, and roughly 3 days ago my TV went on the fritz >.>
I've only had it for about 2 years now, and mainly used it as a computer screen, as I don't feel a need for cable.
I recently bought a new monitor and replaced my tv with the monitor so that I can play XBOX360 without having to switch between inputs. So back to the complications...The day it started acting up I had been watching netflix/ playing xbox for a while. My tv is normally on around 8-12 hours a day. I had just turned off my xbox and noticed a slightly reddish horizontal line that started roughly 2-3 inches from the top of the screen. I thought nothing of it, thinking that maybe my xbox hadn't shut off entirely, and simply shut off the tv.

The next day (after work) I got home and turned on my tv/xbox and walked away. I came back and there was my screen...turned to crap...lol It had one main horizontal line, right where the red lines had been the day before, but now there where fuzzy vertical lines and horizontal lines in contrast with this one red line. I thought maybe it had been plugged in too long so I unplugged it, which gave me false hope it would be fixed, then I plugged the tv back in after about an hour, and still...it did not work properly...I doubt that it was a surge, because it hadn't been raining that day/night and I was using a surge protected outlet, but who knows?

After doing some research I wasn't able to do a complete assessment of the problem, but was told by a few that it could simply be a bulb that has burnt out and is causing the problem. I know bulbs can be relatively inexpensive, and in some cases can cost more than the tv itself (with a repair man), but if this is the problem then, I'd need a rough estimate on pricing.

EXTRA INFO: The picture above the "red line" is almost perfectly fine, it is when looking underneath that line when the picture becomes wretched. Also light colors are a problem underneath this line, when a light color such as white is viewed, it nearly blurs all of the screen to the point that the picture looks as if they are only shadows. Where as the opposite affect takes place with darker colors, its almost easier to make out objects. A current picture will be uploaded (if possible) and if any further pictures are wanted/needed such as different lighting/the back end of the tv (the inside), I will be willing and able to produce them for a better evaluation as to what is wrong. Thank you to any and all who reply. If any questions arise, don't hesitate to ask!

Video of TV's current condition...

I've tried the common fixs located on this forum, which seem to be affecting many sony bravias....

KDL-XBR4 Half the Screen Dark with Slow Pixel Refresh – All inputs

Need help...I feel as if sony should stand by their product, but obviously they aren't...and I'm not paying to fix the tv when I can buy a bran new one of equivalent, or better quality.

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