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Hi All-

I'm having issues with latency in a recording setup. I have a camera set up on my drum students, which feeds a signal into a DVD recorder. From there I'm monitoring it to a TV so they can see themselves in real-time. The problem is, theres quite a bit of lag between the camera and the monitor. Does anybody have any solutions on how to remove or lower this latency? I did a test with the camera going straight to the TV, which revealed a reduction in latency, but I need to be able to use the DVD recorder. I'm thinking that I might be SOL, but if anybody has any solutions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Camera to TV, TV to DVD Recorder. Sure you can't monitor exactly what it being recorded, but set it up right and don't change it.

Also, LCD / Flatscreen TVs tend to have a fair bit of delay on them anyway, so you might not be able to totally eliminate it.


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A basic analogue security camera for about 20quid off ebay going into a splitter. One signal into the tv with zero lag, the other signal going into the DVD recorder. You can then plug the DVD recorder into a different input so you can tell if it's recording properly.

I got a cheap security cam a while ago and it had a yellow video lead and a white audio. You only need to split the yellow back to the tv or you;ll get feedback. You might want to take the audio from another source cos security equipment isn't like recording gear.

Digital gear usually brings lag.


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All digital equipment has latency. The DVD recorder is probably the worst offender. As the other posters say, analogue is the way forward. A CRT TV will have virtually no latency, as will an old CCD or even tube camera.

Removing latency is not possible, as it is inherent in the equipment. All you can do is pick equipment with low latency and be careful in the order you connect it.

A video D/A - ebay or Maplin, will allow you to split the signal without loss. using a Y split cable will reduce the video level to each input, as each one will teminate the signal.

Alternatively, you might be able to find a monitor with a video output. You can then feed the camera into the monitor and out into the DVD recorder.


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A crappy old tube TV is tthe way to go for no lag. I was shocked when I first played Guitar Hero on my new HDTV and found a whole 1/10th of a second lag. I couldn't believe no-one had mentioned it.

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