Having a really bad day..Visit to sisters house


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Called in my sisters yesterday bit of a disaster happened in her street.
A family up the road were struggling getting a jacuzzi put at the back of the house, a crane was hired but proved to small. Next they got a 52 tonner for the task [like the one in T3] anyway the photo [sorry small] should explain the rest..OUCH!!


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It never got put in place it landed over their garden fence 12ft from a metro line :eek:
It is at that angle due to one of the legs sinking into the pavement almost cutting a gas main in half god i hope they have plenty insurance.


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There was a big article in most of the local papers yesterday with some bigger pics. Looks like a fair bit of damage was done.


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A similar thing happened near to me earlier this year, when a crane toppled over trying to lift a boat. The driver hot footed it back to base and got another one to try and lift the fallen over crane, which drew a large audience including pc plod. When the second crane started to tilt pc plod called a halt to proceedings on health and safety grounds.

Police called the cranes owners for assistance at which point they discovered the driver was doing some work on the quiet! :suicide: Needless to say the driver was arrested for working without insurance and for taking a vehicle without the owners permission (I guess he's also looking for another job!).


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From the local paper -

'No one was hurt as the owner and his family were out, but a rabbit hutch was flattened.

Luckily firefighters were able to rescue a guinea pig and rabbit from the debris.'


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^ I shouldn't have laughed at that. It was a serious incident


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Well this is all very sad our local press has ran an article stating both houses may well have to be pulled down :eek: My heart goes out to the neighbours apparently a elderly couple :(
Talk about neighbours from hell..What were these folk thinking, i don't think they have lived there long. All that work i think they may have even added the extention.
I do Hope things work out

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