Haven't a Clue need some help please:)


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I have no knowledge of either traditional or digital camera's and would like some assistance in choosing a digital camera:lease:

I'm looking for a good budget camera that will be able to download images to my pc and one that has a docking station to recharge the batteries. I'm not looking for anything really special just an everyday camera that I can point and take a photo without much trouble. Not really interested in loads of features just something that'll take a quick and easy reasonable image. Looking to spend as little as possible (as always:blush: ) but could probably stretch to around £150ish.

any suggestions or is my budget too low:(

many thanks:smashin:


All digital cameras will allow you to transfer your images to your PC - some directly via USB - some via card readers - some by disc.

Why do you particularly want a docking station to recharge your batteries ? - are you sure you want rechargeable batteries ??

If the camera you decide on has a special sort of re-chargeable battery it will be supplied with a charger - which will allow you to charge one battery while actually still using the camera with another battery. - a docking station means you won't be able to use the camera while re-charging

Cameras which use standard size batteries (AAA, or AA etc.) may well be supplied with a seperate charger or you will certainly be able to buy one very cheaply.

Many of the cheaper cameras simply use the standard 'disposable' batteries so you don't need a charger at all.

You can find around 240 cameras which meet your budget requirements here :-




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Originally posted by Beejaycee

Why do you particularly want a docking station to recharge your batteries ? - are you sure you want rechargeable batteries ??

I just thought it would be quicker and more conveinient to have a docking station to plonk it in when not using it for recharging. Having a seperate charger isn't an issue so as long as the camera comes with a charger I'll be happy.:)
I'm aware there are loads to choose from around £150 and I'm totally confused as to which is good value or not:(

can anyone suggest a few so I can narrow the field a bit:confused:

many thanks:cool:


I agree with keanyboy's sugestion. Canon make some great quality cameras at very good prices.
If you don't go with that then I would recommend that you keep to one made by a company with a proven track record with cameras rather than a 'jack of all trades' company as their cameras may be cheap but they tend to not be the quality or have the features of somebody like Canon.
Your pricerange will not get you a high pixel count camera so you will be limited to the size of the pictures and/or the digital zooming you can get away with. 2mp will be plenty though if all you want are small prints or just to view them on a PC. If you want A4+ size prints then you need to up you budget and get at least a 3mp camera.


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