Have you been messed around by sky?



Sky came and fitted sky+ and the cable they fitted hit the garage door when it opened, also I could not get no channels except the free ones as the card reader on the box was damaged!!

They said they would be back with a new unit, on Saturday, I took the day off work to meet them, they said they would call before 9am, it got to ten and I called them they said that an engineer would be on there way very soon, this did no happen, called again, this time could not get through to the team, as they use a different department for the sky+, go through to sky this is what they said “ it has been cancelled and they will not be out today, I said what they said it doesn’t say why on the system… called again and again and they said, 3 weeks away, I said no way.

I have asked to speak to managers and all the customer service people, but just get pushed off to others, one person said when my partner asked why it was cancelled, “why does your neighbour put her bucket out at night and not in the morning”.

What does all this mean?

This was a mirror subscription, all this for someone who has had sky since day 1, the full package.

What should I do? I have asked them for some sort of refund and they had the nerve to say, oh 2 weeks free viewing, what I cant even watch the channels, with the damaged card reader.

I keep calling them, they just dont want to no.

Yes I no put it in writing, I have lost a days work and many more things, loads of phone calls and more.

Any views.
:mad: :mad:


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You should not have signed off on the original installation!

Important thing now is they you are entitled to a full refund since the goods are faulty, that I believe is the law of the land.

To get compensation for the lost time/phone calls etc you will probably have to go to small claims court and you should win based on your efforts to get a resolution from SKY themselves and there lack of response.


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I have had the most appauling service from Sky in the past. In my opinion their service leaves a hell of a lot to be desired! :mad:

Sky are vermin - a plague on this fine country of ours:mad:

I had such deplorable service that I downloaded the directors' home addresses from Companies House and wrote to each and every one. Thoroughly recommend this course of action if you want to vent your spleen;)

Nail em up I say! Nail some sense into them!


Sky have an effective monopoly and the service i have had from them is the worst (second to Tesco in Peckham) ever. They have lied to me in the past and had to back down when legally threatened. They will try anything to avoid shelling out money to consumers. Can't say more or I'll lose my temper I hate them so much!

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