Have we had Covid19. Lack of antibody test sucks

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Hi to all
A little about me and really wanna pick brains and see what others have been through earlier on in the year and just to give a run down of what happened to my family.
I am 43 yrs old and have 2 children Boy of 17 & Daughter 3, My wife is 42 and is classed as a high risk person due to having an auto immune disease, And we both long term smokers(we smoke outside). We both work in hospitality. She is an admin manager and I am a head chef at an international kids activity center. We have school parties from all over the world, mainly from China, France and Spain.

Back in mid February we had children over from china and from France, Didn't really follow the news as my usual day is 12hrs long and as with kids and 2 working full time parents time is not something you get a lot of. We had heard some news of a virus spreading around but really like most didn't give it too much thought.

However round the start of February one of my female employees, had what i can only describe as a really crappy cold. and gave it no more thought. However round about the middle of February I started to feel a little crappy, I felt bunged up, lost my sense of smell and taste, headache and arching joints even a little cough, However I am a smoker of 20 years so put it down as smoking with a dry throat, even took a day off work as a result of it and the achy muscles i put it down to being on my feet for 12 hrs. a day, Just figured I had a cold picked up from my employee. Did not even consider it was Covid19 at the time. Then my wife starting showing some symptoms of a cold, similar symptoms to me. My wife has worked for the same company for over 12 years and in that time she has only ever taken 4 days off work, so when she takes a day off work you know it must be bad.
However when I was in work one day about a week later I got a text from my wife at about 10am, it was her day off with the little one and i had left for work at 4:30 am.
The wife sent me a picture of my daughter after they just came out the supermarket sat in her car seat looking very unwell, with a few lines saying, Hannah has just thrown up all over the supermarket. when i asked how she was in the morning my wife stated she sat and ate her breakfast and was her usual self. just figured she perhaps had a stomach bug along with a bit of a cold.

When i got home that afternoon i was greeted by the wife with a look of concern on her face. my daughter was semi asleep on the sofa, Drifting in and out of conscience nous.
during the brief times she was awake, we tried to see if she would eat anything, but she wouldn't, she wouldn't talk and was almost in a zombie state and then drift back off. when she did drink water she would literally chuck it back up straight away. she was very hot to the touch and if you are a parent, you know your kids, even when they are ill they still have a bit of get up and go. This was totally new and have never seen her suffer like this, she has been going to nursery since age 1 and they are hotbeds for colds and stomach bugs, but this didn't sit right with me and it was about 11pm that i said to the wife we need to take her to the hospital. she isn't right.
In the 5 hours we were up there, we had a nurse do a temp check which came back with a 39.9c so they stripped her off to her nappy and gave her some Calpol. it was then I noticed a rash that had recently come up, it was under her chin, on her neck, chest and back. Hospital didn't run any test, they just monitored her for several hours and then sent us home. My daughter didn't eat for nearly 3 days and only after 2 days could she keep water down. thankfully we all got better, but i did notice for myself how out of breath i felt when climbing the stairs.

The not knowing is so frustrating for us specially knowing that my wife is high risk. I was curious is anyone else has suffered in a similar way during this time and have similar stories. I am tempted to do an antibody test but not sure if at this time it is worth it, has anyone done an antibody test? do they work.
Thx in advance of listening to my waffle and any responses:)


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The antibody tests are pretty accurate. I got one in a local pharmacy as I wanted to know before I travelled (last summer when there was the small window where things were open). Small vial of blood sent to a lab and result in 3-5 days. Cost £125 though. Also should be within a month of symptoms.

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