Have to reset matrix splitter/switcher


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I use an Infinius splitter/switcher to distribute Sky HD, PS3 etc., between downstairs and upstairs. It has worked flawlessly ( albeit apart from the odd "handshaking" issue ) since January.

Last week, I was watching Sky and the picture and sound disappeared. I turned off the Infinius and switched it on again and the picture was restored. Ten minutes later,it happened again. Repeated the reset and after some 20 minutes it happened again. Faulty Infinius was my first thought!

This happened between 6 and 9 am.

The next day, I was watching Sky again and it went off again. I reset the Infinius and the picture came back. A few minutes later, I decided to change channel on Sky and immediately I pressed the guide button, the picture and sound disappeared again. Reset the Infinius, yet again and found that the Sky HD box had frozen so had to reset that.

I am now thinking that it must be the Sky HD box as....
1. It only happens between 6 and 9 am.
2. It never happens when playing movies via the PS3 ( even between 6 and 9 am, I've purposely tried it )

Anyone else had this and anyone have a suggestion as to how to fix?

It's starting to get very irritating.



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Correction....make that between 6 and 10:10 am....just happened again.


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Does it only happen between 6-10 because that is when it on for the longest or getting the most use?

I would say it's your Sky box, I had similar problems with mine. I sent the PSU to a repair guy through Ebay and it's fine now.


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The Infinius is on 24/7. The Sky HD box is on virtually 24/7 too. I'm retired ( very early ) and all I do is mess on the iMac and have the TV on in the background for company.

I think you are right.....it HAS to be the Sky HD Box. I replaced the PSU with one from SatCure 6 months ago.


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